It goes without saying that no matter what industry sector your company falls under, training in the workplace is incredibly important, and having a well-planned and implemented training programme can be the key to your success. 

Alpha Compliance Training takes the hassle out of your training bookings, using the latest online training platforms to offer a wide range of accredited, online courses. We have:

  • 40 Health & Safety Courses
  • 33 Business Skills Courses
  • 30 Health & Social Care Courses
  • Plus Construction Industry Bundles

    Our courses cover a wide range of subjects and appeal to all sectors.

     We provide accredited courses to give you and your employees confidence in the quality and credibility of the materials provided.

     Certificates issued, show the candidate’s name, the course attended, and the relevant accrediting bodies.

    Are you interested in finding out? Alpha Compliance Training provides e-learning in a completely new, highly effective medium through which to deliver online training. Check out your Free Trial and you’ll get a clear idea of what is involved.

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