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    Alpha Compliance Training is a Training arm of Alpha Swanson Limited.

    Registered Office:
    8 Marsden Park, James Nicolson Link,
    Clifton Moor,
    York, North Yorkshire,
    YO30 4WX.

    T: 01904 207901

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The most common questions about courses will be answered here.
    For more detailed information please get in touch

    I want to do the E-Learning training, but I do not own a computer or other internet connected device, can I still do the training?

    You can still do the training using someone else’s device, for example, your employer or a friend if you have your user name and password.

    What devices can I use?

    Any devise you choose to use must be internet connected to use the system, however, we strongly recommend that the minimum screen size must be 7 inches, so anything from a small tablet through to a PC is great, ideally with speakers so that the narration can be heard. Due to its size a mobile phone is not suitable.

    Do I need to be an experienced computer user to benefit from E-Learning?

    Our courses are very user friendly and easy to understand and navigate. There are clear and easy to follow instructions provided at every step and online and telephone support should you need assistance.

    How can I get a course log in?
    You can purchase your course through our secure website. Click here

    You can call our offices and make a payment by telephone call us on 01904 207901 (8am to 5pm Monday to Friday)

    You can buy your courses in bulk and distribute them to your delegates yourself.

    I cannot make a payment using my business credit card can I pay over the telephone?
    You can call our offices on 01904 207901 (8am to 5pm Monday to Friday) and we can discuss options.
    How long do the logins last?
    The logins have no expiry date.
    How long do the courses take?
    Most courses can be completed within an hour but it does depend on the delegate.
    Do I have to take a test?

    Yes, but we will get you match fit.

    How many attempts do I have?

    You will have three attempts at the final assessment.

    Can I fail the test?

    Yes, it is possible to fail the final assessment particularly if you hurry it or have not paid full attention to the course material. Failing the test for a third time will result in the delegate having to re-sit the full course and there will be a charge for this.

    What happens if I fail the test?

    You will be required to re-sit the full course again and there will be a charge for this.

    When do I receive the certificate?

    Immediately after the correctly completed final assessment has been submitted.

    How do I receive my certificate?

    The certificate will be emailed to the address registered in the delegate’s profile.

    I have booked the wrong training-can I get a refund?

    Yes, a refund will be given if the training material has not been accessed, however, if the training has commenced no refund will be offered. We reserve the right to charge an administration fee for issuing a refund, this is calculated to account for the additional fees that we have been charged by your credit card company and our company for issuing a refund. This is set at £5.00, this will be deducted from your initial payment

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