Did you know that The Health and Safety Executive states that employers should look to encourage their workers to break up long spells of DSE (Display Screen Equipment) work with rest breaks? They recommend at least five minutes every hour.

It is also suggested that workers should also avoid awkward static postures by regularly changing position, not to sit for the entire day and get up to move or do stretching exercises. Plus regularly change focus or blinking as this will help avoid eye fatigue. 

Are you aware of these suggestions? Do you do them?

Those with a workforce of more than five people, are required under The Health and Safety At Work Act 1974, The Display Screen Equipment Regulations and The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations to carry out a Risk Assessment for employees working from home in order to highlight any areas of concern; employers are responsible for any changes that are needed.  

As DSE work is visually demanding, it can make someone aware of eyesight problems they have not noticed before (including changes in eyesight that happen with age).

The law states employers must arrange an eye test for display screen equipment (DSE) users – if they ask for one, and provide glasses if an employee needs them only for DSE use. Interestingly, research carried out by Specsavers Corporate Eyecare reveals that employers are in need of more information and support regarding Display Screen Equipment (DSE) eyecare regulations. With less than half of employers fully understanding the regulations, and less than a third complying with the regulations. 

It is not commonly known that the employer must pay for the test if a DES User requests one.  This should be a full eye and eyesight test by an optometrist or doctor, including a vision test and an eye examination. It’s up to the employer how they provide the test, for example, they could let users arrange the tests and reimburse them for the cost later, or they could send all their DSE users to one optician

As we can see, it can be hard to keep up with regulations or fully understand them. We have a comprehensive course that makes it easy to understand and guides you to where to take action. Have a look here. If you need some additional support get in touch with us.

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