A major mapping project has revealed, that pollutants known as “forever chemicals”, have been found at high levels at thousands of sites across the UK and Europe. These chemicals don’t break down in the environment, instead, build up in the body and may be toxic, PFAS represent a group of thousands of chemicals, with hundreds used commercially across many sectors of industry.
A  HSE report published in April set out in detail the extent to which “forever chemicals” are used in the UK. It’s the most comprehensive British analysis of these chemicals ever, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has identified the most common and most harmful uses of PFAS and what measures could be put in place to control and manage them.
The report makes a number of recommendations including limiting the use of PFAS-containing foams used by firefighters to put out fires, as well as the use of PFAS in textiles, furniture, and cleaning products
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