Electricity has many uses and benefits in the workplace.

 But it can also cause serious harm – such as damage to property, personal injury or even kill, if the proper safety precautions have not been put into place.

 This includes using electrical equipment and sources safely. As well as ensuring workers are aware of the electrical hazards whilst working with or near electrical equipment.

 The main hazards of working with electricity are:

  • Electric shock or burns if you come into contact with live exposed parts.
  • Arcing exposure leading to injury.
  • Fires caused by faulty equipment.
  • Explosions caused by incorrect use of electrical equipment.
  • Static electricity sparking and causing fires.

 There are also indirect hazards of working with electricity. For example, electric shocks leading to falling off scaffolding or a ladder.

 To help reduce the risk of electrical injury to you and others around you, the Health and Safety Executive recommends some simple precautions for when you are working with or near electricity. You can read them here: https://www.hse.gov.uk/electricity/precautions.htm

It is important that you ensure you have the right safety procedures in place, including making sure all workers are aware of the dangers, how to use electrical equipment properly and safely and what to do if an electrical incident happens.

We have a comprehensive course that covers the essentials in electrical safety in the workplace. For more details, visit: https://alphacompliancetraining.co.uk/electrical-safety-course/

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