Our Working at Height course is aimed at employers and employees whose job involves working at height. This course covers what constitutes work at height, work at height regulations, responsibilities of employers and employees, preventing risk of falls and risk assessments. Our course is approved by RoSPA.


The course modules include: 

1. Introducing Work at Height

2. The Dangers of Work at Height

3. The Work at Height Regulations

4. Summary of Duty Holders’ Responsibilities

5. Employer’s Responsibilities

6. The Hierarchy of Control

7. Avoiding Work at Height Wherever Possible

8. Prevent Risk of Falls

9. Minimise Consequences

10. The Risk Assessment

11. Course Summary


Please check our website for details, dates and for a free trial of our Working at Height course: https://alphacompliancetraining.co.uk/working-at-height-course/


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